Meet the Team

Nathan Kim

Physiotherapy Interests: Spinal management, Shoulder Rehabilitation, Exercise programs, Dry Needling.

Nathan is a clinical physiotherapist with extensive experience in treating a wide range of acute and chronic injuries. He hascompleted a Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Physiotherapy Practice at La Trobe University in 2012 and has gained a strong interest and skillset for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, in particular, spinal and shoulder injuries which often persist without proper treatment. Nathan has a great reputation in these areas and is renowned for delivering dedicated care for patients with persistent pain and injuries. In addition to his Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Physiotherapy Practice, Nathan also has a bachelor’s degree in sports education from Korea. This has added to Nathan’s comprehensive experience and knowledge in utilising exercises for rehabilitation programs that not only ensure the best possible outcomes but preventing a relapse of the injury.

Octaviana Filimon

Physiotherapy Interests: Pain management, Sporting injuries, Workplace injury rehabilitation.

Tavia has over 14 years experience in Private practice Physiotherapy she is highly skilled in all aspect of patient care. Her area of interest is pain management using trigger point therapy. Tavia is highly skilled at using trigger point therapy and has used this method of treatment to assist patients from the sporting field, the workplace, and the elderly to manage and remove their pain. Her passion for physiotherapy came from her mother who is also a physiotherapist. When not at work Tavia enjoys spending time with her daughter, going to the gym and doing yoga.

Allan Rogers

Physiotherapy Interests: Neck and shoulder conditions, as well as other areas such as Vertigo and Mental Health.

Allan studied at La Trobe University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters of Physiotherapy Practice. Allan has a passion for sport and musculoskeletal injuries, having additionally attained a Bachelor’s degree in sports science. Allan has developed a strong patient base with the clinic and continues to grow his knowledge across all fields.

Sam Gebreselassie

Physiotherapy Interests: Pilates, Dry Needling, Low back and shoulder rehabilitation, Sports Injuries.

Sam moved to Australia from New Zealand in 2016 to start his Physiotherapy career and since moving he’s been busy gaining hands on experience across Victoria in different Physiotherapy disciplines. These experiences have developed Sam’s clinical reasoning skills, and his approach to dealing with individuals of all backgrounds. Sam uses a holistic approach to examine the possible causes of the symptoms his clients are experiencing. This allows for correction of these causes and therefore mitigating future problems. Sam likes collaborating with his clients to get them back to enjoying their work, and sports. Sam instructs the Pilates classes regularly. He believes Pilates to be an important tool in the rehabilitation of a lot of injuries and conditions.

Mustafa Akkaplan

Physiotherapy Interests: Pilates, Dry Needling, Low back and shoulder rehabilitation, Sports Injuries.

Mustafa studied at the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney where he completed a Bachelor of Science (Degree with Honours) and a Master of Physiotherapy respectively. Through the Masters degree, he developed a wide base of knowledge with work experience in hospital, suburban private practice and rural settings. While Mustafa is interested in many areas of physiotherapy, he has a specific passion for treating sports injury developed through a role at the Burnside Heights Football Club and through watching and observing injury and rehabilitation of many sports injuries at the highest level. He believes that the two keys to a successful outcome are knowledge and a positive attitude, so he continues to grow his knowledge base to better serve his clients.

Liam Robinson

Liam Joins the team with a wealth of experience, having worked in professional sport across the last 10 years, now being a senior sports/rehabilitation physio for the Melbourne Rebels. Being immersed in a number of different programs, Liam has gained first-hand experience within the Strength and Conditioning aspect of sports physiotherapy and is well placed to help all people recover from injury. Liam is currently completing his (second!) Masters; Sports Medicine via Melb Uni.

Away from work he enjoys spending time with his fiancé, at present doing some wedding planning and continuing to follow his beloved English soccer team!

Chelsea Martino

Exercise Physiology Interest: Chronic Condition Management, Chronic Pain Education, Mental Health, and Injury Prevention/Retraining.

Chelsea is a very passionate Exercise Physiologist, and has a very resourceful background in injury/chronic disease management and return to sport within a wide range of health sectors. Commencing her undergraduate studies in Sports Science (Human Movement)/Sports Management, Chelsea found the need to expand her knowledge which stimulated her completion of a Masters of Exercise Physiology. Chelsea enjoys injury rehabilitation, prevention and exercise prescription in order to provide an optimal quality of life that aligns with the client’s goals and expectations. Chelsea is highly interested in the “how & why” of the human body whilst understanding and affiliating those movement patterns to functional and relevant exercises.