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Get our new iphone app

We have just released our new iphone app! I will be uploading my favourite exercise and stretches every week and the good thing is they will be videos, much easier to follow. Here is an example.

New Pilates Class on Mondays

Due to the popularity of Clinical Pilates we are starting a new class on Monday nights. The time will be 7:15pm and as always the class will be small and focused on core strength and postural control. I look forward to seeing you there.   Regards Andre

It’s time to start thinking about summer

We are starting small group fitness sessions of a Wednesday night so if you are interested give us a call. They are going to be fun and really great for getting your fitness up there ready for summer. Cheers Andre

Second Pilates Class on Wednesday

Due to the demand for Clinical Pilates Classes we have started a second class on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm. Andre will be the instructor and he looks forward to seeing you all there for a fun and challenging session. Cheers Andre

Here comes daylight savings

When daylight savings arrives we all want to start getting more active and one of the best and safest way to get started is boot camp. Sounds to hard? Not at all we have the best personal trainer in the west running our boot camps and with the input of our highly skilled physio team […]