Lower Back Pain

Caroline Springs Physiotherapy provides help for lower back pain to the local areas of Caroline Springs, Burnside, Taylors Hill, Hillside, Deer Park, Cairnlea, Rockbank, Delahey & Kings Park.

About Back Pain

back pain caroline springs physiotherapyLower back pain is a highly common problem with as much as 80% of the human population going through back pain sooner or later in their lives. Even if the primary reason for low back pain is frequently not serious, it’s a substantial cause of pain in the society along with considerable effect on the economy because of time pulled from job.

Whilst most folks with back pain will heal in just 6 weeks, a little number will go on to develop chronic back pain along with a gradual loss of performance.


Most reasons for back pain are the consequence of irritation or lousy function of the bones, joints, ligaments or muscles in the spine. This kind of irritation is most likely the result of Vertebral dysfunction, a normal situation that occurs when the spinal vertebrae shrink or irritate the delicate nerve structures of your lower back.

Other causes of lower back pain can include inflammatory arthritis (e.g. ankylosing spondylitis, Rheumatoid arthritis), and fractures because of osteoporosis. Back pain may also be ‘referred’ from one more location.

Unconventional situations leading to low back pain can include cancer (generally from a different source like the prostate or lung), severe infections and compression of the spinal cord.


Your Physiotherapist will conduct a comprehensive history, orthopaedic, neurological along with spinal evaluation to find out the exact reason behind your lower back pain. Other tests for instance x-rays and digital scanning can also be suggested.


Physiotherapy remedy for low back pain focuses primarily on fixing function to poorly moving back joints, along with lowering muscle tension and improving muscle strength. This brings about increased movement, lowered pain and deceased nerve irritability.

Remedies are customized to the unique case usually consisting of spinal and soft tissue mobilisation, core stabilisation recommendation, strengthening exercises, stretching and heat/cold therapy.

Please contact us to arrange your comprehensive lower back consultation to help identify the exact cause of your  back pain and begin a course of corrective care today!